Technology has evolved over the years to bring about a revolutionary change in the field of education. Today, every student has an online presence and has experienced virtual learning in one way or another. Let’s look into how these advancements have proven to provide a better start for the toddlers of the 21st century.


Ever wondered why remembering a movie dialogue is easier than memorizing articles and paragraphs? Online learning provides students the opportunity to learn concepts using the help of visual images like cartoons, stick figures etc. These visuals not only help students grasp the knowledge faster and gain a better understanding of the concept but also spark curiosity and interest among them.


Every child is different. They have their own interests and take their own time to learn. Online learning focuses on providing a personalized learning experience where the child can learn at his own pace. This also helps identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses at an early stage and work on them.


Have you ever witnessed a child throw a tantrum when they don’t get enough attention? Online, a child does not have to share a teacher’s attention with other classmates unlike in a classroom.  They are provided individual attention and their personal development is of utmost priority. Children are usually given a chance to choose what they wish to learn so their interest is maintained.


Lastly, advancement in educational technology has opened doors to various sources of information and learning and has also introduced students to platforms like educational gaming apps that earlier did not exist

Advancements in educational technology have made learning easier and more interesting because who doesn’t love being applauded when they answer a quiz question right? and who wouldn’t prefer learning the alphabet while the colorful letters dance around ?