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Mother – The First Teacher for her Preschooler

“Mother- a teacher with a lot of compassion, fearlessness and love…”

It’s nearly impossible to pen down every role a mother plays in our daily lives. After a little mushrooms blooms, the mother turns out to be the best teacher and a guide too. The first influencer- delivering children with love, affection, and security.

#1.  A mother is the best educator during different phases of a child’s life. Mothers are the foundation stone of these petite seedlings developing into a tree later. They’re are our first influencers and most importantly the “Life Givers.” From helping us to take our first baby step to have a better understanding of the world, every child mimics her, kids learn the difference between the good and the bad. Hence, the exceptional duties of a mother start right from the womb.

#2. The First Guru. It’s the mother who trains and starts guiding her toddlers. With humanity defining various gurus and granths, the mother is the most extreme persona above all. We start learning values and try to inculcate the discipline she follows in her daily chores. When a vast array of connections are considered, she turns out to be the first and best ‘Instructor.’

#3. Mom Knows You Better. Being a mother has a humanizing effect. She teaches you to name her along with morality that the little one needs to abide by throughout life to develop her juvenile into a complete personality. She’s your first friend at the same time she needs to keep you under control. Motherhood is the biggest ball game with an amazing life force. Huge and scary but full of optimism. Respect, dos and don’ts, mannerism, to lose and win gracefully, tolerance, the ability to state the truth, and learn from everything are the moral values imparted by a mother.

#4. Every Child has Infinite Potential. Hence, a mother’s involvement is essential for a kid to perform better in school. This ensures that the kid is challenged and involved in an educational environment. Your ginger needs to enjoy the learning process. If your kid is not satisfied with school benches, then consider engaging him/her through digital learning mediums like the one offered by

#5. The Execution. Now how do you execute your preschooler’s homeschooling? Children attaining homeschooling tend to perform better during regular tests. They display better self-esteem, enhanced confidence, and better behavioural activities. Homeworks are completed on time resulting in better grades and performances. Mothers have a better understanding of what knowledge their child is acquiring and can easily point out the areas the children might need extra help.

You’re the steering wheel of your child’s educational background and shaping his future.

Hence, it’s rightly said,

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

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