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Many studies have supported the view that mobile and multimedia learning can foster the literature, early mathematics, cognitive, emotional-social, motor skills and enhance the creativity of kindergarten children.
Digital learning tools and technologies fill the gaps where traditional classroom teaching falls behind.
It inspires creativity and lets children feel a sense of accomplishment that encourages further learning.
Prepares children for higher education by helping them acquire skills including problem-solving, familiarity with emerging technologies, and self-motivation.

How YOOYOO works?

YOOYOO helps in comprehensive learning by engaging the children with few simple steps

Create Content

The content is designed by subject experts in the field of learning.

Assign Content

Customized content is assigned to the user as per the kids progress

Engage Children

The fun activities enable the child to connect with the content and makes learning a joy.

Track Performances

Parents can monitor the child’s development and progress with our tools.

Benefits for school

Digital learning over traditional education methods
  • Easy and interactive web portal for school
  • Fully digitized content and lesson plans
  • Ease of communication with parents
  • Digital worksheets and game related activities help students to actively engage in revision
  • Allow students to directly interact with study material which in turn keeps the engagement high and motivates them
  • Digitisation of all Admin related services like attendance, fee collection, parent circulars, student database and many more.

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I certainly liked this app as it is thoughtfully designed by keeping the child’s friendly thoughts and interactives as it’s center point. Children can learn to their abilities in a fun-fulfilled manner. It’s playful coverage of Games, Quizzes, Practice sessions and Printable are truly amazing. Beside all its Radio Section is a great plus which is unique in this app.

Ranjan K


I’m finding this app really interesting for my 4 year old…she keeps discovering and gaining a lot of knowledge each day through this. Yooyoo the study buddy has become her new friend nowadays that keeps her engaged in useful activities, stories, rhymes and many more..I highly recommend this app

Priyanshi S

I just love the Ramayan podcast and my baby like that a lot. I must say that it is one of the best applications for kids and I also recommend that app to my friend she is also liked it a lot. Thank you YooYoo kids for introducing it.

Nikita Khandelwal

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