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Making connections between
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Many studies have supported the view that mobile and multimedia learning can foster the literature, early mathematics, cognitive, emotional-social, motor skills and enhance the creativity of kindergarten children.

YOOYOO’s Study Buddy Program delivers children with additional opportunities for rich learning activities that are relevant to their growth characteristics and have positive results in regard to the learning of different subjects.

Benefits of YOOYOO's Study Buddy Program

Our highly experienced team has developed the program, to build the best
possible foundation for the fundamental aspects of your kids learning.

Kids retain attention if taught using AV aids

Gadget time is learning time

Integrated Educational Methods

Revision of the content

Involves Parents and teachers


Start your learning journey with YOOYOO's

Educational Videos
Learning Games
Interactive Quizzes
Printable Worksheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we at YOOYOO KIDS?

We are an online platform provider that helps your kids tap their full potential right from the start with highly engaging learning methods and curriculum.

Which age group do we cater to?

Our platform is most useful for kids up to the age of 6 as our target is to plant seeds of curiosity and intellect during the growth years.

How does YOOYOO work?

It’s simple. You only need to download the app and set up an account. Post that, you will find content and lessons under a simple dashboard that kids can explore and learn anytime and anywhere.

What activities do we offer with YOOYOO?

Our activities are categorised using 5P’s. Prepare (Videos), Play (Quizzes), Practice (Learning Games), Podcast (Stories) and Paint (Worksheets).

How have we designed the activities in YOOYOO?

Our activities are designed keeping in mind that kids as young as ages 3-6 have very short attention spans, hence, activities are a blend of gamification and AV aids to increase retention.

What can your child learn with YOOYOO?

Your child will learn how to understand concepts while developing cognitive skills and fostering their creativity. We have made sure that kids learn beyond cramming and learn with a blend of text, video, and audio teaching methods.

Can my kid get addicted because of prolonged screen time?

Not at all. Through our platform, all parents can become an active part of their child’s learning process and keep a check on their screen time.

Does my child need assistance in using YOOYOO KIDS?

In the beginning, Yes. It is recommended that parents assist kids in the learning process and help them navigate the platform for ease of use and understanding.

How can my kid get the most out of YOOYOO?

Kids can start exploring topics that interest them and learn through games. They can then supplement their learning by reading books and listening to our podcasts to find new topics to explore.

How to keep the kids engaged in learning with YOOYOO?

With our interactive activities, we are able to capture the kids curiosity while also teaching them. The retention rate is higher as the kids are made to understand concepts through fun filled games and videos.

What type of devices are required to access the platform?

Mobile devices or tablets with access to the internet are required to access our platform through our app.

Can kids re-access topics once they have completed it?

The kids can go through the same topic or activity multiple times till they are able to understand it.

How do I purchase a subscription for YOOYOO?

Download and install the YOOYOO: My Study Buddy android application from PlayStore. Get in to Parent’s Corner to purchase a subscription.

How do I get a confirmation for my subscription order?

You will be notified by a confirmation email with your subscription details.

Is it possible to get online support to use the app?

Please reach out to us via email at and our Support team will help you out.