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Making connections between
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Many studies have supported the view that mobile and multimedia learning can foster the literature, early mathematics, cognitive, emotional-social, motor skills and enhance the creativity of kindergarten children.

YOOYOO’s Study Buddy Program delivers children with additional opportunities for rich learning activities that are relevant to their growth characteristics and have positive results in regard to the learning of different subjects.

Benefits of YOOYOO's Study Buddy Program

Our highly experienced team has developed the program, to build the best
possible foundation for the fundamental aspects of your kids learning.

Kids retain attention if taught using AV aids

Gadget time is learning time

Integrated Educational Methods

Revision of the content

Involves Parents and teachers


Start your learning journey with YOOYOO's

Educational Videos
Learning Games
Interactive Quizzes
Printable Worksheets

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YOOYOO?

Yoo Yoo is an educational portal dedicated to Primary Education for the benefit of children in the age group of 3 to 6 yrs.

How do I register?

Download the YOOYOO: My Study Buddy App and follow the registration process. If you require any additional help, please write us at

How YOOYOO works?

YooYoo’s study buddy program has been derived from our concept of Prepare, Play, Practice and Progress.
Step 01: Learn each topic with our animated videos with voice over
Step 02: Play every topic with our exciting Game/Digital Worksheets
Step 03: At the end every topic follows with an assessment, which is done using our Interactive Quizzes
Step 04: Track your child’s performance with our Progress Report.


Your child can review individual topics, which are taught in the past.

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