Our focus is on holistic development of your child

Our quality early learning programs will be delivered with highly creative & interactive resources through a modern environment.

Benefits of YOOYOO

YOOYOO's Integrated educational methods will make your child's learning
more Fun & Exciting

Visual aids help in retention of the concepts learnt

All the topics taught
in different format

Playful & exciting
learning Methods

Learning at their
own pace

Kids can do revision
of the content

Measure the result
of kid’s learning

Gadget time is
learning time

Limited screen time
for your child

How YOOYOO Works?

Our highly experienced team has developed the program, to build the best
possible foundation for the fundamental aspects of your kids learning.

Create Content

The content is customised and innovated for young learners by a team of highly efficient knowledge curators who have vast experience in the field of learning.

The content is designed by subject experts in such a way to make learning complete.

Assign Content

Personalised learning patterns are identified and assigned to the individual users according to the progress of the child.

The content can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the users through our user friendly mobile app

Engage Children

The young brains are motivated and engaged to learn new concepts with our interactive content.

The activities are fun and enable the child to connect with the content and makes learning a joy.

Track Performance

Progress of the child is tracked with the help of a report card to know the time he/she has spent in a concept and the milestones achieved.

Parents can monitor the child’s development and progress with these tools