A look inside the YOOYOO: My Study Buddy app

Does your kid seem too uninterested in the monotony of lectures and black and white books? Does your kid lack in paying attention to what’s being taught because of easy distractions? Do you find yourself losing out on a lot of time and energy for kids to get their concepts right in one go?

Say no more! We present to you *drumrolls*

YOOYOO: My Study Buddy App!

Now this is not like any other conventional study app which makes your kid sit through a series pre-recorded sessions. In addition to that, we’ve got a lot more in store for you!

  1. Prepare with YOOYOO

This section of the app has some very aesthetically designed videos for kids on basic facts of general knowledge, pre math concepts, etc. But that’s not where we stop. Furthermore, we have a little activity related to the topic which in a way assesses what they’ve learnt and rectifies them in case of errors.

  • Practice with YOOYOO

Children tend to forget things they’ve learnt in the past but don’t budge to revise them from time to time. It’s a task for them. But not with our practice games, puzzles and quizzes. We’ve designed it such that it never fails to draw their attention. This helps in sharpening their brain at a tender age.

  • Play with YOOYOO

While people are bickering over all play and no work or no play and all work, we come to you with a sureshot model of all play and all work. Yes, they can co-exist. With pictorial representations and positive reinforcements, children will be attracted to these games and in turn, learn a lot while they’re at playing the games.

  • YOOYOO podcast

You don’t have to worry about making up fictional bedtime stories anymore. We’re at the rescuing end. Just play one of our podcasts and rest assured that the child will sleep well having come to know of  very important ‘moral of the story’ or a life lesson.

So… what are you waiting for? Send this to people who have kids of ages ranging from 3-6 about this digital learning platform and make their life easier!

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